Having entered the thermoforming industry in 2006, Inpak is among the industry leaders with the thermoforming lines it produces with high quality and performance in mind.
   Inpak, working in its 2000 m2 production area and ever growing to meet the increasing demand, operating with its team of 50 expert staff and R&D department, presenting innovative solutions at a favorable price, has grown into a position to export to more than 20 countries.
   Since its establishment, Inpak has delivered over 150 thermoforming machines to the industry. With the fast and to the point service that it provides for after sales support, and with its large and varied spare parts stock, Inpak has prevented loss of production by solving problems in the shortest and quickest timeframe, and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.
   Inpak, having a 50 machine per year capacity, has undertook its mission to provide strength, quality, and reliability. Inpak, by closely following the new developments of the day in the plastics industry, has managed to acquire a large market share, and has proven itself reliable with ıts machines producing 24/7 in many countries.